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Updated at May 30 2020, 17:31

Black hole passes Sun

Black hole behind Sun, magnetized here at Earth, starts to circling around Sun.
By the strong force of Black hole Sun was pulled a little bit down, and when wanted to spin from the right to the left becomes bluer at the moment by the force of passing Black hole near by.
Here is the animation taken from the
Space Prediction center

Also I captured closer image, to see surrounding black hole rings and bluering of the sun when wanted to spin from right to the left. Also you can see the danger in the eyes of the Sun.

When Black hole pulls depressured photon rings from the right side of 3D space(look at: "Creation of the Universe"), gradually Black hole goes again behind Sun as rings starts to be pressured(fired) and compressed by the Black hole and more, under pressure of the Sun.

There is only two ways of how Universe compresses, with the energy by twisting photon rings or without energy, where untwisted, flat photon rings were randomly incorrectly compressed, and Black hole is the accumulations of these rings.

Finnaly, after black hole went behind Sun again, we can not see eyes of the Sun anymore, because when Black hole passing near by Sun, Sun squeezes at the moment, and after Black hole goes behind, Sun releases.
Just another evidence, that this was been a Black hole, indeed.

To start circling around Sun, Black hole rings must be with at least one ring above Sun, and today accidentally I catched the image of the Sun. Here it is.

On this picture Sun rizes above one ring of a Black hole.
Vertical black line across Sun is the Black hole ring above Sun, which now went bellow Sun. How I knew it goes on the right, bellow! Because Sun spins from right to left and black hole puls from left to right, so black line passes Sun quickly captured at one image only, this one.
Examining the path of a Black hole in the top animation picture, and this black line we can see that exactly 90 degrees is from the Black hole's moving path and vertical diagonal black line, which is a prove that this black line is the ring of a Black hole previously rised above Sun.

After long time of depressuring of 3D space, by the Humans and Jinns, before about 6 years, Sun starts to fall into the Black hole, and because of that X-Ray, green image of the Sun was mostly black, while before 6 years was been full of light.
Now Sun under pressure, and lack of energy to Humans and Jinns, slowly recovers, and gets out of a Black hole, Insha'Allah(If God give).

Yet another Black hole ring passing bellow Sun.

Image captured from the

It looks that Black hole was lurding somwhere between Sun and Earth and was been all up, around Andromeda(Sun) in the year (2014), when Andromeda explodes and all stars goes out, and now black hole gradually falling bellow Sun, ring by ring.
Decompressed photon ring by the Black hole comes at Earth as Bertha storm.
Image of the Bertha storm at Earth and marked point at the Sun are very similiar, lighted and darked marked parts.

Explanation: Photon rings of the Earth, Venus and Mercury continually compresses by the Earth, Venus and Mercury and decompresses at the Sun, circling around 2 years until photon rings compresses at the surface of the Earth, Venus and Mercury, then rings compresses to the core of the three planets into one photon ring of the 4thD.
Because of that Arheologist knew by the layers of the Earth crust from which period of time is that layer.
Outgoing Earth core ring to the 4thD could be Aurora!
Earth photon ring does not compresses completly at the Earth's core then circling between Earth's atmosphere and core, the same as it was circling between Earth's atmosphere and Sun.

That is also Earth's magnetic shield.
Earth's magnetic shield has two rings, one is from our system another is from the Jupiter system(Saturn,Uranus,Neptun), i.e. one is from the left side of 3D space and another is from the right side of 3D space, as described in the "Creation of the Universe".

Just another two image of black hole rings passing bellow Earth.

Logicly where there are stars there must be black holes also.
We do not see the stars in our system because they are all collected at the Sun, that is a Sun, Star structure(from the lowest to the bigest star).
Humans as stars of the 4thD compressing 3D space, and 3D space of our system are wider stars collected all at the Sun. Stars compressing 3 photon rings, while planets 1 photon ring, so there is 3 planets in each system(wider glaxies).
Stars are like X, links to the 3 photon rings. When space compresses around star, then it is ring of that star, all else(3D space) was in proccessing to become rings of the star, but half of the Universe doesn't have time to become stars, then planets.
The end is at 5D. One system remains (will show that(Insha'Allah, if God give), systems structure from 2D to the 5D).

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